Hunter Eats Hunter
by Chevelle

I grabbed a flashlight, just like I always do
Walked depths of night, and now i'm telling you, well
I saw a pair of eyes, and I'm sure they saw me too
Don't never never run, hell yes I'm going to

How long should I feel like bait now?
wide open, careful where the mind goes
moonlight, a superstitious glow
if it's my time, well I'm going out alone

D'you ever tried to hold your breath?
well here's a tip; don't follow through
you feel the nightness never end
and now it seems it's coming true
now that you see what i can see
it's up to you with weakened knees
that little creep just grabbed my arm
it's gonna be the longest night

(I have no idea what the bridge is saying)

When hunter meets hunter
this hunter eats hunter (repeat twice)