How to Make a Love Song
by Parokya Ni Edgar

The 1st part of this song, I guess
should start with something sweet
cause love songs often do,and you know
me, i'm such a geek
For songs that I can sing to you
and I'm hoping this could be one
and I hope that you would like
me...este... like it when I'm done

The 2nd part is easy to mess up with
something cheesy
So I better choose my words cause I
don't want it to be mushy...
coz' that's the thing with love songs
and that's the tricky part
it's not hard to sound corny when you're
singing from the heart

And when the chorus comes, I must come up
with something clever
cuz For you it's just a love song but for me
it's now or never!
And though I tried my best to make it
beautiful and true
I Could Never Make A Song As
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