How I Feel
by Chris Brown

I was 15 a Virginia nigga with ambitions
Young but I envisioned fucking them bad bitches
Live my life with no regrets
I tried to show respect but you don’t give it
I guess you don’t understand winning
It might take me a life time to take it back
And it might take you a life time to know the facts
Yeah just cuz we different don’t mean we distant
And if you kill a man aint no way to bring him back
Yeah they say its mind over matter
But what we living for what really matters
Some niggas silver spoon just on a platter
And other niggas is just doomed for disaster
All along sleeping in my bedroom
As I wet the sheets mama gon’ be dead soon
Cuz a man beat her but he don’t realize she important to this family
Like a fucking heir loom
Yeah a nigga still found his way out
Record deal came a nigga played out
My mama living good she taking days out
They saying boy all that hard work paid off
500 racks for a hour show
But I aint never gonna do no 60 minute interview
Cuz all you wanna do is twist my words up
And all I wanna do is flip my birds up
Kinda tipsy off that red rum murda
Im a singing ass nigga I know you hurda
Me everyday my cliques stunting
Niggas talking down but imma make them pick their words up
I done said all I had to say whatevs
Cock suckers low blowing under my belt
Yeah they hanging from the tip trying get a sip
Don’t let them get a grip
I’m pissing on them myself
19 a nigga went through a tragedy
3 years a nigga just found a better me
Yeah you might find another lover
But you always started with Breezy like the letter B
Nightmares feeling haunted
Thinking do I really like this thug shit
Huh because fame aint freedom
And this diamond chain only mean they hold you hostage
Now I got a lot of offers telling me they wear they clothes
And they wanna be my sponsors
But when a nigga fall off again they be like off him
And then gonna smile up in your face just like awesome
Great wait police and the thug cannot relate
I guess why this wars on drugs is a debate
So I’m gon keep living my life from day to day…Learn from my mistakes
Lyrics submitted by Ashanti Black.