Holy Ghost Revival
by Palmetto State Quartet

Well I know what you need
You know what I need
I think we all know
This whole world needs revival
A Holy ghost revival up in here

Well now maybe I'm preaching
But I' m certainly not leaving
It's time to get excited
Everybody is invited to revival
A holy ghost revival up in here

Well there's something in the air
I feel it deep inside
There ain't no telling
What could happen here tonight
Here comes something soulful
Raise your hands there's power in that heavenly wind
So if you want it my friend
Let the holy ghost revival begin

I feel the spirit
I feel it movin
I feel the spirit movin

I pray you wont deny him
He's gonna bring you peace
I say it once again you all
Just in case you were asleep
We need revival
A holy ghost revival up in here
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