Hold My Heart
by Sara Bareilles

I never meant to be the one to let you down
If anything, I thought I saw myself going first
I didn't know how to stick around
How to see anybody but me be getting hurt

I keep remembering the summer night
And the conversation breaking up the mood
I didn't want to tell you you were right
Like the season changing, oh, I felt it too

Does anybody know how to hold my heart
How to hold my heart?
I don't want to let go, let go, let go too soon
I want to tell you so before the sun goes dark
How to hold my heart
I don't want to let go, let go, let go of you

I'm not the kind to try to tell you lies
But the truth is you've been hiding from it too
I see it sneaking in behind your eyes
Saying things no words could ever do


Is anybody listening?
'Cause I'm crying
Is anybody listening?

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written by BAREILLES, SARA
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