Here I Am
by Nicki Minaj

Verse #1

why is it that you could only see the worst of me
i swear sometimes it feel like it nurtious me
but to keep it all real its kinda hurtin me
i could say im done wit it but it lurks in me
so ima just tell myself that it works for me
take a real long drive in a mer-ca-dys
n i might pop a couple in em perk-a-cees
yeah-that'll make transform to hurculees


i am-who i am
(echo*) i am

here i am
here i am
so take me as i am (3x)

i am-who i am
(echo*) i am

Verse #2

i swear to god man everything in life is old
and the only thing that change is the price of gold
even in the afta life ima fight cha soul
cuz the second time around ill be twice as bold
so will you take me to be who i am
to have n to hold
till death do us part
cuz if not its just best we both part
cuz how am i suppose to finish what chu start
you got me thinking twice to just breath
n you say i wont survive if i leave
but i got a couple of tricks up my sleeve
i no longer need your attention
it a joke, its a game , why am I still keeping score?
im in pain, im ashamed im a woman , hear me rawr (4x)

here i am here i am
take as I am
_as i am
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