Here Comes Santa Claus Again
by Buck Owens

He's got a fuzzy white beard 'neath a great big smile
A bright red hat you could see for a mile
A bag full of goodies and a great big grin
Here comes Santa Claus, again

All year he been a workin' and a buildin' toys
All for the good little girls and boys
He come down the chimney with the great big grin
Here comes Santa Claus, again

He's got little toy soldiers, all red and blue
A lots of little vowels that say I love you
A dress for mama and a pipe for dad
Santa sure makes a lotta people feel glad

So hang your stockings, and go to bed
Say your prayers and cover your head
And while you're sleeping his fun begins
Here comes Santa Claus, again



Santa Claus is here, again
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written by Simpson, Red / Owens, Buck
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