Hearts Never Lie
by Tiffany

Too good together, to be so apart these days
Now more than ever we need to talk face to face
Stopped moving forward and now we’re someplace else
But the more we fool each other-the less we fool ourselves

Cuz our hearts never lie
They just feel the love
Try so hard to deny
There’s no reason to act like we don’t care
When the truth is always there
Oh hearts never lie. Why should we?

This whole thing is crazy
Building walls to keep out the pain
When there’s no changin‘, mistakes already made
So let’s start all over one emotion at a time
Beginning with this feeling that we never lost inside


Does the one not scare you away?
Does forever seem to long to say?
Now it’s time we end this nowhere charade.
And a real good place to start
Is to listen to your heart

(musical interlude)


(soft to fade)
Oh why should we
Why should we lue
Why should we lie
Oh hearts never lie
This whole thing is crazy
Oh hearts never lie
Lyrics submitted by Lisa.