Heart Is So Willing
by Stephen Bishop

I feel your every breath
I hear the words you say
And I keep tunning back to hear the music play

I make no promises
Those promises can break you
How can you call me home
Wanting me like yesterday

Where do we build a house?
Where do the roses grow?
Are you and I in love?
How do we really know?

If love is in our side
You'll know when I'm in trouble
That's when my heart decides
To go whenever you will go

The heart is so willing to follow
The heart shows the way out of the night
The heart runs in search of tomorrow
When loves takes the hand
That guides the light

When shadows fall
And there's no one there to listen
I'll listen

How do we fix the moon?
How do we change the sky?
How do I make you laugh?
The way I make you cry

I make no promises
Those promises can break you
But love's no accident
And time is on our side...
Lyrics submitted by Armando Rosich.