She pressed through the crowd
So weak and so frail
So often she'd reach out, but her efforts failed
With faith so persistent, determined, she must touch Jesus

Her friends said just give up, for after 12 years
Of heartaches and failures disappointments and fears

Accept your condition with the multitude
He will not see us

I can hear her rejoicing as she looks down the lane
She sees someone coming and their calling His name
Son of David, Messiah, she heard someone call him
The Healer

The crippled and lame were now leaping for joy
Those who were blind were beholding the Lord

Would this be the moment,
or would hindrances many conceal her

Her heart beat so fast as he came into sight

Her emotions were filled with both joy and with fright

She let him pass by, but not out of reach
As she touched his garments he turned to speak
Lyrics submitted by J M Easterling.