He Ain't Gonna Change
by Nashville Cast

He's the restless kind, the kind that you can't win
But he'll try his best to make you fall in love with him
And I can't count the times I've been down that road
Can't tell you why he does what he does but one thing I
He ain't gonna change, he ain't gonna change
I love that boy, but he ain't gonna change
He can tell a lie like no other man
And he'll turn it all around on you
If he thinks he can
Yeah he found someone who can't tell him no
But the second that he gets too deep that's when he goes
You get over him just when you lay it down
That's when it never fails he will come back around
You want to take him back
But it's just no use no matter how you paint it
the truth the truth
I still love that boy but he ain't gonna change