Hate Bein' Sober
by Chief Keef

[Hook: Chief Keef]
Damn I hate being sober, I’m a smoker
Fredo a drinker, Tadoe off molly water
We can’t spell sober
Ballout roll up, when we roll up bitches be on us
All the hoes they love smoking, and love drinking
Anti-sober, for no reason
Cause we can’t spell sober
Ya know us, we smoke strong bruh
Watch me roll up
Cause I can’t spell sober

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
On my tour bus we get dumb high you’s a floor boy
Fredo got a hangover he toting a Cobra
Last night he was shooting shit up like O-Dog
Reesy rollin, Tadoe got hoes on mollies
Chief Sosa, Ballout, we high riding ‘Raris
My bitches love drinking, some love smoking
Let my alcoholic bitch hit the dope, she start choking
Call up D-Money, now we throw money
All these bitches off the shits walk around like some zombies
Call up D-Money, now we throw money
All these bitches off the shits walk around like some zombies


[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
We got 100 pounds of this shit, my stash house with them bricks
My pockets filled with them stacks, my bitch be going for flat
She a hot tamale when she pop a molly, it's time to party, we party hard
Drink and smoke it, drink and smoke it, drink and smoke it, we high for sure
I came in back of that Rolls, nigga I ain’t stuntin' them hoes
I trick a bitch to suck dick
Trick, what you spend on her, we spend on clothes
Too young for me she want Sosa, shooters in the Range Rover
That's GBE, when them two-two-threes get to flyin' bitch its over
See my ring chain and my Rolex when I’m flexin'
Bitch I got to get mine, nigga get outta line, I check 'em
See this gangsta's shit stuntin' to perfection
Nigga better believe me, I make it look easy

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
My weed so strong, my cheese so long
Roll so many joints soon I might need a loan
Spend so many grands that I might need some bands
That's your bitch why she acting like she need a man?
I’m faded, talking mills cause I made it
Talking pounds cause I smoke it
Talking game cause I played it
I’m wasted, Rose thats my favorite
OG kush the good tastin'
Buying Cris' by the cases
I hate being sober
Dont smell no one smoking
Me and my niggas come roll up
Believe they gon' fire on you
You think you could roll up
You smoke by the ounce
Well bitch, I smoke by the pound ‘cause

Lyrics submitted by Drizzy Montanaa.