I just shook the handshake ,
I just sealed the deal ,
I try not to let them , take everything they can steal .

People always told me ,
Said don't forget your rules
I know I can feel them underneath my leather boots .

The talks of morning slugs ,
To the clouds and you watch it go ,
If there was a fringe of parachute binge ,
Getting lost as the wind blows ,
The handshakes back on to bend my tongue ,
It looks like death but it looks like fun

I was in nowhere ,
I was just waiting by my self
When you walked treacherous roads , to give me happiness and wealth .
Black tears , black smile , black credit cards and shoes ,
You can call all of the people you want but it's you screaming used .

Under your black cars ,
Hunny I'm right beneath your nose ,
I'll curse or I'll creation every single thing you know

White smoke , white lights , white bottle on the floor ,
It would only take a few second for darkness to figure out what's in store .

Well it burns ,

Mmmm , you convinced yourself that you want it but you don't know ,
You keep on tryin' a' watch the blood from your airs but it won't go ,.
We gonna keep you on run ,
We got the handshake gunda on ton (x4)

We got the handshake (x14)
Lyrics submitted by Shawna.