Had a Dream
by Lil' Boosie

"Bleek! damn man, man i just had a bad azz motha fuckin dre.. BLEEK! Bleek man"
"Man what the Fuck"
"I just had a bad ass motha fuckin dream man"
"Mane what mane"
"man i gotta tell you bout that bitch, idont want you to go back to sleep i gotta holla at you bout that bitch"
"man Fuck it mane, gone head and run it"

[Verse 1: Boosie]
I woke up in a puddle of blood, look like im finished
Cuz blood jumpin out my mouth, Like K.D. of Menace
Lil Kurby hollin call the people, my nigga hit
My eyes roll back, i hear Bleek say awe shit
Thats when i started havin flashes bout my dirty ways
Never thought I see a motha fuckin early grave
I hit the hospital they fill me up with I.V.
Cant take the pain, all im thanking wont you die please
I hear my mama on the elevator goin crazy
All i remember is "Not my baby, Not my baby"
I'm tryna fight it cuz im burnin from this rusty gat
And all im thankin bout is Ivyana hollin where daddy
My tears Drop i hear the doctor hollin surgery
My last chance to try to make it through this murder please
Then i heard "flatline" and i woke up sweatin
i tried to tell my nigga, but he was restin.

[Chorus X2]
I had a dream
I had a dream
But it wasnt nothing like Dr. King
Fucking right
I had a dream
I had a dream
I had a dream
But it wasnt nothing like Dr. King

[Verse 2: Webbie]
Last night i had a dream
I was at the fair wit my bitch
And he was wit his clique
At the fair wit his six
He had on all black, and his hair was in twist
Beefin sense way back, middle school in the sixth
Watchin his every step cause i know dis nigga real
And leave me stankin i know dis nigga will, and he did
Caught me slippin by the fair-us wheel
And let me have it right there
My ol lady and my son right there
He aint care he just kept dumpin
But my heart kept thumpin and i wondered why
Til i opened my eyes and ran to my nine feelin threatened and shit
Sweatin and shit, still thankin i was hit
No one for me to get so im bootin at the wall
Still feelin played started shootin at the wall
Thankin my life was takin sweatin shakin in my draws
Wonderin is that a sign of a call from the big dawg


[Verse 3: Boosie]
My next dream
I was on a island
Playin wit my lil girl
Watchin news bout Bin Laden when i heard some shit up poppin
I wonder who dis is want my dick in my dirt
Eitha a hit or a kid napper just to get to big Turk
I went below deck got 4 techs and sat in the corner
With my daughter right behind me so dont nobody dont harm her
Gott the first one on the deck, creepin slow wit his Nine
Got my knife and slit his throat as i crept slow from behind
Got his nigga in the kitchen we went toe to toe
Blow for blow
Ducked through a hook, BOW, caught em and he hit the floor
Now its one more, and i hear that nigga walkin
He in the toy room and toys fenna get to talkin
He hit the hallway and waved his pistol dog from side to side
I reached down low, spot em hit em right between his eyes
And i woke up sweatin...

[Chorus x2]

Dream on nigga
and we gone dream on nigga
we gone dream on nigga
(fa yall)
and we gone dream on nigga
Lyrics submitted by Demetrio Hall.