Grave Robber
by Junior Sisk

He wore golden cufflinks and fine tailored suits
He’d been seen out walking in new leather boots
Always a dandy the ladies admired
All over three counties his likeness was sired

A well mannered gent his respects always paid
At funeral homes where the bodies were laid
He’d shed a sad tear on a ring or a tie
On those who acquired the misfortune to die

He carried a spade in the back of his truck
But nobody ever saw him pick it up
The terrible truth is that robbing the tombs
Went on many years in the darkness and gloom

They can’t take it with them he privately thought
Especially all the nice clothes that they bought
And rather than waste them on moldering bones
He’d lavish them later on young widow Jones

He took all the rings and the dresses and shoes
Scratched over the hole like a tomcat would do
It made him no difference he gave not a hoot
He’d cover them up and walk off with the loot

Who would have thought it an old lady said
I never dreamed he was robbing the dead
For so long now i never suspected a thing
Till i saw him wearing my dead husbands ring

That’s mamma’s gold locket one lady had cried
We buried it with her last month when she died
He thought it would win me and never did see
That baby face in there’s a picture of me

Now outside the prison it’s written in stone
They buried him there but his body is gone
Coyotes sing over a hole in the ground
And the Macapee grave robber cannot be found

The grave robber of Macapee County
A handsome young feller who made the girls swoon
The grave robber of Macapee County
Digging up graves by the light of the moon
Lyrics submitted by Michael Shirley.