Got Me Bent
by Lil' Boosie

[Verse 1: Webbie]
Aint this about a bitch this nigga actin all tough
Like he somebody special and cant get his ass bust
Ill call a lil meetin have them niggas mask up
Do you something decent all the gangstas stand up
I been outchea gettin money, fuckin hunnys, blunted, stuntin
I dont know from what cha show me you aint outchea doin nun
Say ya hustlin bout that bustin, real hustler, yea i hear ya
Betta get from round here lookin unfamiliar for i kill ya
Whole clique tatted bad and dats just how a nigga livin
Mix the liquor wit the killa now they jumpin to the ceilin
kinda make ya feel like fightin and im liken how its feelin
Crowd jumpin crowd buck and get to jumpin on a nigga
Strapped up, went lickin took it straight up in the kitchen
Drought way outta commision i be straight where you can get it
On the grind for the figures
Go and get it ass nigga
Bitch lien if he say i aint the prime definition

[Chorus x4]
Oh, Shit no
Bitch you got me bent
You got me fucked all up
Bitch you got me bent

[Verse 2: Boosie]
Oh its fuck me nigga
You on some otha shit
So sense you on some otha shit im fenna shoot you in yo fuckin dick
Buck shot to the left nut
Buck shot to the right nut
You bitch ass niggas dont like us
Feel better tryna fight us
Its war time nigga
They killin for stripes
So I gotta spark mine nigga put bout six in they life
Yo girl pussy wet nigga take yo funky ass home
Fuckin round wit donkey kong gone have yo fuckin dome gone
My face expression letcha know
Try me I'll let it go
When my gun off safety Tookie Williams aint got respect no more
Let me tell ya what im reppin for
The streets, the projects
My niggas who cock that pop that
On the hip thats where that glock at
You aint heard
Im the H.N.I.C.
Im the Head Nigga In Charge until im restin in piece
And I have No Idea why they messin wit me
Hit yo ass from long distance like they did J.F.K.


[Verse 3: Fox]
You got me fucked up, bent, twist tied outta proportion
I am not none of yo partnaz
Or that bitch you divorcing
Hit you with that iron you gone wish yo mama had a abortion
Get retarded in this club, you really gone need escortin
To your motha fuckin car
My niggas waitin outside hollin motha fuck the law
If you gone take us then take us shut yo motha fuckin jaw
Bout 30 hoes out side but they aint sayin what they saw
Cuz they know how we is
Some out Baton Rouge niggas and they know how we live
We Know where they live, and we'll come and fuck with they kids
I hear em hollin out he stuntin, I dont live what im talkin
I aint whippin pushin no Rover, I rather be walkin
But I got news for ya bitch, I dont lease I dont rent
I hit the lot at Chevrolet, wouldn't believe what i spent
You see that truck in front you house
Thats that hit i just sent
And for you local motha fuckas bitch you got me bent

Lyrics submitted by Demetrio Hall.