Gossip Folks [Original Version]
by Missy Elliott

Yo, yo, move out the way we got Missy Elliott commin? through
Girl that is Missy Elliott, she lost a lot of weight,
I heard she eat one cracker a day
Girl, what I heard the bitch was married to Tim,
and started fuckin? with Trina
Well I heard the bitch got hit by three zebras and a monkey
I can't stand the bitch no way

When I walk up in the peach
I ain't gotta eat speed
I'm a bad mamma jamma god damnit muthafucka
You ain't gotta like me
I ain't stuttin these hos
Needa talk but you know
Stop talking bout who
I'm stickin I'm lickin
You just mad it ain't yours
I know why'all poor
why'all broke
why'all jobs just hangin up cloaks
Step to me get burnt like toast
Muthafucka adios amigos
Ah ah Poes Poes
I don't brag I mostly boast
From the VA to the LA coast
Izzy Kizzy Lizzy Go

Musi ques
I sews on bews
I pues a twos on que zat
Pue zoo
My kizzer
Pous zigga ay zee
Its all kizza
Its always like
Its all kizza
Its always like
Na zound
Wa zee
Wa zoom zoom zee

When I pull up in my whip
Bitches want to talk shit
I'm drivin I'm blinding them upside these muthafuckas ass
Did you see it
I'm drippin these curves
Did you heard
I lovas my fellas my furs
Ah I fly like a bird
Chickenheads on the prowl
Who you tryda fuck now
Now you ain't getting loud
Better calm down before I smack ya ass down
I need my drum bass high
Has to be my snare strings horn
Yes I need my Tim sound
Right left
Izzy Kizzy look at him


Now I don't go out my house shorty you just waitin to see
Who I'm roll up in the club with and report that next week
Just want to see who I am ******* or sniffin some coke
I know by the time I finish this line ima hear this on the radio

Once upon a time in Kyla park
Where they live life fast and they scared of dark
There was a little nigga by the name of Cris
Nobody paid him any mind
No one gave a shit
Knowing he could rap
No one lift a hand
So he went about his bidness
And devised the plan
Made a CD then he hit the block
Fifty thousand sold, seven dollars a pop
Hold the phone, three years later
Steped out the swamp with ten and a half gators
Now all around the world on the microphone
He leaves your boobs smellin like Burberry cologne
Still ride the chrome
Got bidness in the kitchen
Never home alone
And he's on the grind
Please let me know if he's on your mind
And respect you'll gimmie
Ludacris, I look lord like Timmy
Had the Clint East rumor
I got a head ache and its not a tumor
Get up on my lap get my head tucked tight
Sprayed so I never let the bed bugs bite
I'm hard to the core
Core to the right
You drop down turn around pick up hella clipe (ya)


Yo straight up, Missy killed that shit tonight foreal
I know I don't really care bout her being pregnant by Micheal Jackson
You know what we should do?
We should go get her album when it come out, what she gon do she gon do, shh
Hi Missy!
Hi Missy?!
Wusup foos!
You think I ain't knowin why'all broke Milli Vanilli Jay Jay fan wannabes ain't over here gossiping bout me?
Yo how bout you buff these Pumas for 20 cents or your lights won't get cut off
You soggy breasts, cow stomachs
Yo take those baby GAP shirts off, too
You just mad 'cause Payless ran out of plastic pumps for the after party
Yo by the way, go get my album

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