Good Weed
by Project Pat

Hey nigga let me hit that purp weed mane
cough cough cough
This weed good mane im high as a mutha fucka
hey diddle diddle slice the blunt down the middle
like i pulled out a carpet purple ducks in the middle
u dun licked it u dun rolled it now u twist it real tight like imtryin to catch
a buzz im livin the high life
im smokin on this popcorn my eyes red as hot sauce
in my 74 dump im feelin like a hood boss
imflossin the bbutta guts while im smoking
cuz real niggaz dawg doin real nigga things
(intro X8)
playa get yo own weed cuz this here is mine dawg
eyein like u tryin to smoke
i aint even tryin dawg
to b passin this blunt aint no tellin where yo lips been tongue kissin misha
but whose penis she been kissin
u lames i aint listenin im constantly inhalin
and breakin down another bag of kush in yo face and
over to the trap back and forth niggaz racing
purchasion this goody good that a nigga blazin
(intro X8)
my nigga wat u thank?
was it strait?
was it fire?
its that good take a pull cuz it will get u high
as a bird take a flight u b high like a kite
buy u sum for today purchase sum for tonite freaky broads
love to get high then they get naked
open legs up offer coochie imma take it
hit u from the back and yo back imma break it
u knew what u was doin
u was high what was u thinkin
Lyrics submitted by Keith.