Good Lookin' Girl
by Luke Bryan

Oh, good lookin' girl
You don't know what you do
You don't know how bad you turn me on
You don't know what it does
You don't know how you don't do no wrong
You got me wrapped around your little finger
Oh, good lookin' girl
That little dimple when you smile might as well be a hook in my heart
It's so simple how I feel
I gotta just be wherever you are
Every time I pick you up
It's like you start ...

Rocking me, rocking me, when you roll with me
Ain't no stopping me, stopping me
Gotta go with it baby
You're so damn fine, and you're on my mind
I swear I'm about to lose it
When you look at me, look at me with those big pretty blue eyes
Love on me, love on me, in the middle of a lone night
I can't help but tell myself, oh you boy you got it so damn good

Oh, good lookin' girl
You don't have to say a thing
Just sit there and let me sing to you
Let the sun lit down, and the moon come around and just move ya
And let me just get lost in how good looking girl
You can be when you don't even need because it's so natural
With your hair pulled up and my hat girl you know I can't handle
Some things I just can't handle
Cause you start