First time I brought you home
My Mama said, "He ain't good enough
I don't want my girl to be alone
But I wonder is he good enough"
I was doin' some worryin' too
And I was thinkin', thinkin'
Am I good enough for you?

The first time that I loved you
I know it was a little rough
But when at last we were still
You asked, "Was it good enough?"
And I cried and looked in your eyes of blue
'Cause I been prayin', prayin'
I was good enough for you
Good enough for you

Now I got to set your mind at ease
Got to stop your insecurities
'Cause if anything
You're too good for me

Now it's strange how time's gone by
Since the day that we fell in love
And still some times we have to ask ourselves
Was it good enough
And time is bound to make us see
Just how good
Good enough can be
Good enough can be
Good enough for you baby
Good enough for me

I don't want to be long
Good enough for me
Keep me warm, baby
Good enough for me
Good enough for baby
Good enough for me
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written by Hall, Johanna D / Hall, Jon
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing