Good Clean Fun
by Trooper

I get up in the morning
Turn on the radio
Got to listen to the news
Can't find the rock and roll
I hear the news guy say there's going to be a war tonight
Nobody's sure who started the fight
Both sides are wrong
Both sides are right

Getting hard to find
Some good clean fun

Turn off the radio
Had enough of the news
Don't feel like work
Developing a case of the blues I make up my mind
I'm going to take a little holiday
Call up the boss said I won't be comin' in today
Well, he says he was planning to blow me off anyway

Getting hard to find
Some good clean fun

I pick up the telephone and call a lady friend
Said it was good last week
Maybe we could do it again
She said I'm glad you called
I've been trying to get a hold of you
My doctor told me to call you
But I couldn't get through
You see I got a little somethin' and the other night I gave it to you

Getting hard to find
Some good clean fun
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