When Mary came to find the tomb of Jesus,
the stone was moved, the Lord had gone away,
the angel said "Fear not, the Lord is risen.
Don’t see the living here among the graves.

Gone, the stone is rolled back,
Gone, the tomb is empty,
Gone, to sit at the Father's side;
Gone, over death triumphant,
Gone, sin is defeated,
Gone, He lives forevermore.

Oh come with me and see the risen Savior
Who still can turn the dark of death to day
Who calms the storms of doubt
And parts the ocean
Oh He still can roll your heavy stones away.

He’s gone, the stone is rolled back,
He’s gone, the tomb is empty,
He’s in heaven, sitting by the Father's side;
He’s gone
Gone, over death triumphant,
Jesus is gone
Gone, sin is defeated,
Jesus lives
Lyrics submitted by Linda Adsit.