God's Up To Something Good
by Hart Ramsey

God’s up to something
God’s up to something good
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
His plan is working
Everything out for my good
All because I love Him

Sing 2x

Verse 1:
There's a battle going on in this world
that our eyes cannot see
Don’t be moved
I promise you it will be alright
Just have faith
No matter what hold your ground
Don't give in, cause in the end
Your gonna win
You got to know


Verse 2:
When the storm comes
And I know that it will
Take a stand on His promises
I know He’ll work it out
Whenever you need Him
Whenever you call on Him
He’ll be there
Don’t you ever let go
There is one thing I know, I know


Excuse me miss, but can I have a word with you
Please sir can I share a little bit with you
I know you’re praying for that miracle you been believing
Confessing it and blessing Him everyday believing
Will He come through
Will He find you
It’s like a dream playing on the movie screen
And you wonder will these tithes and offering remove the burdens
Open up the heavens like a window with a curtain

I know these struggles are taking you to the wire
The race is the one that endures even the fire
Come and look a little closer man
Check it out sir
You’re a king
You’re a queen
You’re the blessed sir

Don’t step down cause your in the thick of it
The fire
The heat
Your clothes won’t even smell of it
God is not a man that He would lie to ya
He’s the one that died for ya
Say goodbye to ya
But just in 3 days, Hey
Then He got up
Before He left He gave the keys
The powers yours now
If you was gonna quit you should have done it way back then
But because you stood, God is up to something good

You can have peace
In the middle of the storm
When you know joys coming in the morning time

Lyrics submitted by Randall Wynn Sr..