God Is in the Shadows
by The Collingsworth Family

I'm just a little flower here I'm blooming by this rock.
Sometimes it feels so lonely in this isolated spot.
But living in the valley where He's placed me here to grow.
I try to do my best for Him, He sees me now I know.

Yes, God is in the shadows, in the valley here below,
He sees one tiny flower as its beauty softly glows.
He never fails one time, each tiny detail He controls,
Yes, God is in the shadows, He is every where I go.

He gives me morning sunshine & the cool & gentle rain,
He softly smiles upon me as I spend a few short days
He loves me as He made me, He's a loving Heavenly King
I'm never all alone, He is always watching me.
Lyrics submitted by stig alesand.