Go Outside in the Rain
by Milira

The days begun
And there's no one
Inside this empty house to love me
Oh, no

No one to share
My love with
No one to care
No one who's here to take care of me

Why must I feel
So lonely without you here
How I wished it was only a dream

When I think of
All the love we shared
I can't make the tears stop
rolling down my face

That's why I wanna go outside in the rain (in the rain)
So no one, no one, no one, knows that I'm crying
(I wanna)
Go outside in the rain (go outside in the rain)
To drown my pain, pain

Oh Lord I see
So many eyes on me
And I imagine what they're saying
They're saying I'm a fool
They're saying I'm a fool
If I'm still in love with you
Don't they know I'm only human, human

When I look out, of my window
And see the rain,
I see visions of you
In every drop
And when I think
Of all the times we shared
I can't make the tears stop, rolling
Rolling down my face and I want to

Go outside in the rain
(Yes, I do, I wanna go outside)
(Don't want nobody to see me crying)
Go outside in the rain
(And drown my, my pain, pain...)

Some people (some people)
Feel deeply (feel deeply)
That true love (that true love)
Won't fade (Won't fade away) won't fade
Hold tightly (Hold tightly)
Love mightily (love mightily)
And love will save the day
But then my baby's gone away

I don't want to go back inside baby
My eyes are tearin
My heart is achin
I can't go back inside baby
Help me, baby, help me
My heart is pain
I walk into the rain
To try to drown the pain

Oh, baby, if you knew what I was talking about
I'm living here all alone, baby
No one to live with me
No one to take care of me
I can't go back inside
(Go outside in the rain)
I gotta see ya standin' there
If I don't see ya standin' there, baby, I'll go crazy
Baby, I can't go back inside
I gotta keep walkin' in the rain, baby
I gotta try to drown out the pain, baby
Hey, ho, (go outside in the rain)
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