Gimme That [Remix]
by Chris Brown

(lil wayne raps)
young carter harder than them other boys
i aint even fruntin baby i can take a summer off
if i could brake a woman off
i could take the stomach off
one of my trucks now im ridin in the goods
line it on up garontee ya get served
lil chris aint runnin
so im runnin to her
im the cash money youngin
bird man jr
just a president lookin for a mind accur

chris brown is in the bulidin

(chris brown FIRST VERSE)
young boy just turned sixteen and i got
six fo's nd hot bikes that i rock
keep three to fo sweetys on my pop
but all that swingin in that bikini
just might be bizzness
slow all the traffic down to a complete stop
cause speeking that slang that i talk
that sassy pimp po with that walk
mabe the reason that all these geenies may never see me

(chorus x2)
baby you may be three years older but you hot
you be talkin like you like wat i got
gimme that
i know you like it how i lean in the lack you can be in the back saying gimme gimme gimme

(second verse)
hah slick rick let me explain to you
what ya body botta young boy ready to do
if you get a chance let me put them thangs on you
i can show you why im making straight a's in skool
got you thinkin that im just to ya turnin page
i can picta us switchin lanes in the coop
wich you in the car screamin my name(chris)


(lil wayne)
weezy baby baby wat it do im tryna holla at you
i aint upset but ill blind ya if i smile at ya
ya messing with young chris and the best rapper
so leave ya fone bring ya friends
and let the rest happen
lil patrone lil hint of moca volly vodca
i make volly jean my only volly rockas
im fresher than a new born
i can rock the world like a futon
you can leave ya birthday suite on
ima leave my boots on ima leave my jewels on
neva now wat you on
ima leave that tune on
neva now ho home
i learned that from a biggy song
gone to a newborn something like a redborn
whoo i think she like me she got me on her ring tone
whoo i told her get yo girl and dont you stop that gimme some of that gushy stuff

whoooo three years older whooooooo you can be in the back yeah
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