Gangsta Lean
by MC D.R.S.

This song is dedicated
To my homies and that
Gansta lean why'd you
Have to go so soon
It seems like yesterday
We was hangin' 'round the hood
Now I'm gonna keep your memory alive
Like a homie should

A lifetime of memories
Goin' down the drain
I'd like to keep steppin'
But I can't get past the pain'

*Hook 2*
I take my forty
To your memory
Take a drink and
I stop to think and I
know one day soon
We'll be we'll be
Hangin' out

*Chorus* x2
This is for my homies
(this is for my homies well well)
See you when I get there
And that gangsta lean that gangsta lean

My god my god
could you pass on a message for me?
Tell 'em put down their dice for a second lord
Listen to his homie
Could you tell him I'll never let go
Of his memory so his son will know
You don't have to cry no more
Cuz god's got his back I said god's
I said god's got his back

*Hook 1*

*Hook 2*

*Chorus* until fade
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