i used 2 walk round dat corner
right a flick wood pack yo bagz shawty wit a hundred pound of good i was trppin like a fool me n dat fatfool kept dat fuckin tool didnt go 2 school i wuztrappin like a bitch i sold a lot of bricks
i hit alot of licks i really dnt give a shit bout a pussy nigga a pussy ass hoe its gucci mane laflare mi chain look like rainbow shawty lookin a me i think dat nigga monkey i think he dont like me n da way my click duggin we smokin out in public we no dem bitches luv it me n shawty low poppin 30 pounds of bubbly yeahhh imma real trap nigga bussin out da wrapper sell it 2 a trapper
me n yung juice sippin 80 buce box chevy 98 money out da roof i wuz goin 2 da atheum like a gymnasium beetin like a fool dat waz 1998 i wuz still gettin cake no a nigga real str8 bout 3.4 mill bitch nigga in ya face pussy u don heard about dat dat da boi got da elms dat da boi gotda stacks me n zae we shittin in ya face mr floyd sent boyc cost us 138 pussy n i got it 4 my dal u feel me shawty yeah wats hatnin nigga yeah yal hear diz shit nigga its goin off dat nigga jst went bout 20 minutes
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