Freaky Gurl [Remix][*]
by Gucci Mane

[Chorus: x2]
She's a very freaky gurl
Don't bring her to mama
First you get her name
Then you get her number
Then you get some brain in the front seat of the Hummer
Then you get some brain in the front seat of the Hummer

Gucci cant ding a ling bet I make your back hurt
Bet I make your cat squirt, bet I make your neck jerk
Call lil' Kim told her better wear a tight skirt
Bet I know your tight work, bet I make ya cum first
Gucci mane yeah bet we make a sex tape
Flood it on the internet, put it on my Myspace
Gucci got a big stick, make ya sing my ad libs, yeah
But you gotta be a queen bitch, Gucci
So icy trap star, fuck her like a porn star
First my H2 then I fucked her in her own car
Face down, ass up, I'ma make her love me
Probably don't love me but let her suck and fuck me
Gucci wanna sex ya, tell me is ya itched it
Probably could of hit it dog, I ain't even hit it yet
Fuck the 20 minutes dog, I ain't even nutted yet
Now she bragging on me dog, I ain't even stunting it

[Chorus: x2]

I'm a very freaky gurl
Very freaky gurl, gurl
Very freaky gurl
Very freaky gurl, gurl

You want a freaky gurl?
Welcome to Kim's World
You ain't goin' wanna leave
Just like a kid at Disney World
My deep throat'll have you squirtin' like a water gun
Coochie overflowin' like somebody let the faucet run
Bust one nut, I ain't done
I got more cum'
Friends? Tell' em all to come
We goin' have some mo' fun
Chew on me like some bubblegum
I'll lick you like a lollipop
Once you taste my honey bun
It's our lil' secret
Just like my underwear
You know pain is pleasure
Can you make me shed a tear?
Smack my ass, grab my neck
Got 'em cummin' everywhere
I'ma freak so I don't care
Just don't get none in my hair
Now he callin' me wifey
And he wanna introduce me
Taking me on shopping sprees
He wanna buy me Gucci
Zoomin' like a blue sea
On the back of his Suzuki
And I ain't even sex 'em
All I did was let him eat my, Coochie ok its Gucci
Yea lil' kim

[Chorus: x2]

I got sum brain n the front seat of the hummer
And if u can make it rain then Ludacris can make it thunder
I ain't messing with these lames but it seem I make them wonder
How I came and took the game 4 the past 7 summers
Now yo woman wanna get it from the front from the back
And if she with it I'm a hit it from the side
Give her what she want in the lac cause she a freak gurl and I can see it in her eyes
She can go tit for tat it's so good that I made her wanna cry
A little bit of this little that 4 2 piece, biscuit and sum fries
Straight from churches ya boyfriends worthless
Cause Luda go deep while he barely scratch the surface
She itching for a scratch like she DJ JC
If you looking for ya match Bitch come and find me
I be in the A town I ain't that hard to find
Put ya legs up in the air and see the DTP sign
If ya wanna meet my mama that's a thing I won't do
You say motherfuck me no motherfuck you know why

[Chorus: x2]

I'm a very freaky gurl
Very freaky gurl, gurl
Very freaky gurl
Very freaky gurl, gurl
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