Forever [Main]
by Chris Brown

What do I do
Stop, go, fail, succeed?
Live or die?
I just got to believe

Believe its worth saving
And to get lost, lost in a day dream
So why hesitate
Take me to another place
So far far away
So I can get out of the dark
High speed, like I'm racing
It's like lighting, sky is blazing
But you've lost your way, you've been lead astray
Are there better days for my fallen dreamer

Calling a dreamer
(A dreamer a, a, a, dreamer) [repeat: x2]
Calling a dreamer
(A dreamer a, a, a, dreamer) [repeat: x2]
(You don't sleep no more)
You don't even sleep no more
(Dream no more)
You don't even dream no more
Dreamer (dreamer)
Why don't you just dream again

Believe in you
You got something to prove
Your a star
Watch you shine bright on your way to the limelight
Finish line
The sweat and tears
You can channel all of your fears
Open your eyes
Your eyes and it will be alright


(A dreamer a, a, a dreamer) [repeat: x8]

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written by Browne, Colleen / Grimshaw, Craig / Jones, Louis Anthony / Noble, Paul Christian
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Foreign Imported Productions & Publishing