For Jessica
by Asia

The things I learned from Jessica about love:
- Wash the dishes.
- Make every date feel like the first.
- Make every kiss feel like the last.
- Never stare at other women.
- Fulfill you must, make sure you are wearing dark sunglasses.
- Never ever compare her to your ex. If you feel you must, make sure the couch is comfortable enough for you to sleep on.
- Never bad mouth her friends.
- If she bad mouths her friends, take her side.
- If she bad mouths your friends, she’s probably right.
- Never host poker night at your house if she has work early the next morning
- and in the morning, when her hair is more tangled than the Miami Dolphins offense, and when her breath smells like the kitchen when your grandmother is cooking fish, understand she won’t always look pretty, but thank God that she always has been and she always will be beautiful.
- Be genuine.
- Be truthful.
- You can’t be honest with her until you first become honest with yourself.
- Treat your dog like it was your child.
- She’s watching the sea high fare as a parrot.
- Be respectful of her parents.
- Love her family as your own.
- Learn that love isn’t a straight line from you to her, but rather a circle that encompasses her and those closest to her heart.
- Compliment her always.
- Exxpensive gifts are never as valuable than the amount of attention you give.
- Embrace her always.
- May your arma be the cradle that catches her when she falls, let your shoulder be the blanket that catches her tears.
- Learn which battles are worth fighting and which ones you just have to let slide.
- Put your own stubbornness aside.
- Hurtful words never solve an argument, but kind words can heal all wounds.
- No matter the argument, she always wins.
- Her emotions will always supersede your need to make sense.
- Accept the fact that more often than not she will fall asleep during any movie that you pick out.
- Accept the fact that more often than not she will make you watch the movies she likes, and you must take it upon yourself to make sure you stay awake. I will say with great confidence that Sweet Home Alabama was not that bad.
- Accept that you will always have your differences. Differences in opinion, differences in point of view, differences in the way you each handle situations.
- Differences are what make us unique.
- Men are from Mars, women are aliens.
- Learn to listen.
- Most times she’s not always looking for advice, most times she just wants to vent.
- Give advice only when she asks, and don’t be preachy or patronizing. You are not her father, you are not her priest.
- Pray together. Nothing will bring you closer together than God.
- Not having God at the center of your lives is like putting a see-saw on the floor without a rock in the middle to balance both sides, and like a see-saw, let God take you through your ups and through your downs but as long as you stay on board it will be a much more interesting ride.
- Cook when she’s too tired. You don’t have to be an extraordinary chef, she will always be grateful for spam and rice.
- Eat everything she cooks.
- Be careful of being too critical.
- Be careful of comparing her dish to how your mother used to make it.
- Look past her faults. No one was made to be perfect, not even you.
- Ask permission before spending money, ask permission before going out, ask permission before getting tattooed. Asking permission is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of respect.
- Respect is fragile. So is trust. Be careful of breaking either one, do all you can to keep them in tact.
- Don’t make a promise you don’t intend to keep, but if you feel you dug a hole that’s too deep, tell her quickly and humbly and ask for her forgiveness.
- Let go of past mistakes.
- Let go of past heartaches.
- Let go of past arguments.
- The past is something you should both learn from, not something that should be brought up just to prove a point.
- Love her with every breath.
- Inhale her presence into your lungs.
- Excel your gratitude and love in the form of love poems, let it roll off your tongue, let it shout from your throat, let it pronounce her significance to your life all those that have lost all hope
- Be the example, be the pillar, standing tall in a world full of promiscuity and unpaid bills, in a world full of divorce papers and child custody, in a broken world that has become oblivious to the one simple rule: love her with every heartbeat, let your veins pump life into every inch of your soul, that you may love her with nothing less than everything. Let your veins pump until she hears the beat of your music, let the choir play your song, let the angels be your harp, let love be the light that takes you through the dark and when all else fails, love her deeper. And always, always wash the dishes.
Lyrics submitted by Jessica C.
These lyrics are not available for printing.