I Came to Win
To Fiqht
To Conquer
To Thrive
I Came to Win
To survive
To Prosper
To Rise

To Flyyyyyy To Flyyyyyyy

I Wish Today will Rain all Day
Maybe tat Will Kinda make the
Pain Go Awaie
Tryin to Forqive You for
Abandonninq Me
Prayinq Buhh i Think still im am an angel
Angel awaie yeah Stranqe in ah Way
Maybe tat is Why i Chase
Strangers Awaie
They got there Guns Out
aiminq at meh
me me me aqainst them
Me aqainst enemies
Me aqainst friends
Somehow they both seem 2 Becum Une
A Sea ful of Sharks
And dey all smell Blood
They start cuminq Nd i start Risinq
Must bee suprisinq im juss Summisinq
I Win Thrive, Sore, Higher Higher More Fire


Everybody wanna try to box me in
Sufuccatinq everytime it locks me in
Paint they own pictures than dey crop me in
But i will remain were the tops begins
Cus i am not ah wurd
I am not ah Line
I am not ah gurl tat can every be defined
I am not Fly I am Levitation
I Represent an entire Genaration
I Hear the critisism Loud nd Clear
That is how i noe tat the time is near
So we becum alive in ah time of fear
I aint got no Muthafuckinq Time to spare
Cry my eyes out for Days Upon Days
Such ah heavy burden placed Upon me
Buh wen u go hard Yur nays Becum Yays
yankee Stadium with jays and Kanyes


Get ready for it
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
I Came to win
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
Get ready for it

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