First Love Song
by Luke Bryan

Riding down the road listening to the radio
You leaned over and turned it up
You said "Baby this is it the one I wanted you to hear
Don't it sound just like us"
Up till the all I'd ever listened to was a little
"Sweet home ......" " Tuesdays gone" and " Working man blues

This is my first love song
First time i felt the words first time i sang along
Whenever it comes on
I just think of you and everything you do
You're my one my from now on
My first love song

Baby I'm not who I was you gave me your love
And it woke me up made me more aware
of something deep inside something that I have
A life I want to share
And I'll remember this as long as I live
Every note every word every single kiss

( Repeat chorus)

Baby.....(repeat chorus)

Yeah baby
My first love song
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