by Skillet

Chorus: Never reaching what I want to reach.
Never being who I want to be.
Blaming me when I fall and fail.
All my dreams splintering under my fingernails.

Verse 1: I'm empty, lonely and accused.
Accused without a word.
My fingernails, are chipping down,
from crawling in the dirt.
I'm so lost, lost and confused.
I threw it all away.
How can I be beautiful, when I am so afraid??


Verse 2: I watched it all slip through my hands.
My brokeness revealed. I'm so proud,
I'm so proud, I;m crying to be filled.
I'm killing, destroying the plague,
That's killin me away.
I've got to live. I've got to love,
Like I am unafraid.


Bridge: I'm waisting, waisting every moment.
I want to be tasting, tasting every moment, with you.
I'm suffering, I'm bleeding, on my knees,
Who's gonna save me? Suffering, bleeding, save me from this pit of frality.

Lyrics submitted by Brittany.