Fight Another Day
by Brandon Heath

Verse 1
Its an uphill climb
But its all you know
So you spin your wheels
And dig your heels and down you go
So predictable
But its not your fault
How can you expect to do your best
When youre scared to fall

Cause the pain is real
But you will survive
Thats how you know youre alive

Cause its Okay Now, Hey Now
You can let go
Thats when you
Find out, Find out
Everybody knows
That there just
Aint no, Aint no
Easier way out
I know it might not look that way
But Youre gonna live to fight another day

Verse 2
Theres a place I know
Outside of town
Lets get out of here
Where all our fears dont hang around
Heres another chance
Take it while you can
Cause it sure wont last
Moves so fast
And its gone again

You're on the edge now,
but you will survive.
That's how you know you're alive


You wonder what you're made of
I'm tellin' you now
you're gonna make it
What are you so afraid of?


Ohhh oh whoa oh
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