Fiening You
by Omarion

I've been noticing you've been goin in and out
when you feel the need baby
But I can't help but to wonder where, where you are oh no no
See I've done my dirt, chasin all them skirts
All around the world I've done my due
But when it comes to you, I will lose my head
But its hard to sleep alone

And I know when I'm away you miss me oh babe
You drivin me crazy girl I'm fiening you
Don't you leave me all alone, I'll be back for sure
Just so that you know girl I'm fiening you
When you need to be relaxed lay down on your back
Know who can ask cuz I'm fiening you
Baby know all thru the day you keep me in my place
One thought of your face and I'm fiening you

When you're not around baby girl I'm down and out
Cuz I'm thinkin bout you whaoo
Are you creepin on me
Baby just let me know
Who it is, what it is right now
Fore it get real ugly, the situation bugs me
Tell me if you love me, or if this means nothing
Whaaoooo eehh eehh yeah
Oh when I'm away


Its not what I'm about
I'm not just a thug here tryna turn you out
I'm there for you girl, I'm down
What it is, said what it is
I wanna let you know that I'm feining you

Lyrics submitted by Kim.