Feelin Myself
by Gucci Mane

Verse 1: I got juice like bishop
paint pretty like richard
im the shit like emmitt game
im antwoine fisher
and "i am legend" just like fresh prince(a)
but i aint no will smith i "play hard" mel gibson
im samuel l. jackson cuz i think "its time to kill" em
my right wrist diddy but my left wrist 50
im livin like pac but im spendin like biggie
and shout out to aaliyah cuz her voice was so pretty(R.I.P)
i say what i feel like pimp c did it(R.I.P)
gucci terrentino or just call me young quentin
or gucci nicholas cage i'll take yo girl in "60 seconds"
or gucci man travolta rims be doin the "slow dancing"
call me so icy ventura gotcha laughin(ha! ha!)
keep "doh" like homer so suck it like maggie
i got dumb beat in my trunk so the police start trippin
sir im not drag racing i jus have a large engine(vroom!!)

Hook: I dont think you feel me like im feelin myself(i feel it)
you suckers hatin on gucci mane thats bad for yo health(that bad)
jewelry, cars, clothes, women, and wealth
so you hatin on the kid iz like you hatin on yoself(2x)

Verse 2: Get a good ticket for my new dutch fitted??
million dollar hit writer in fifteen minutes
cash the damn check i cop two hard top bentleys
quarter million gone in just fifteen seconds(well damn)
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