Feelin' Like That
by Gary Allan

I stepped out into the blue, felt the wind hit my face, before my shoot opened I felt my heart race, I was fallin', oh but that's just fallin' And off the coast of Austraila I dove way down deep, for all that I saw of that Great Barrier Reef it was nothin', compared to you it was nothing
I've got lightin' in my veins and thunder in my chest, all tangled up with you, and tryin' to catch my breath, I've been chasin' that sensation half way around the world and looking back on what we had, I've done it all, I've seen it all, but I cant find a feelin' like that
I wound up in some town in Spain runnin' with the bulls, tryin' to catch another thrillwith a thousand other fools, we were runnin' oh but that's just runnin', when I started pushing thirty it started pushin' back, well how was I to know By now that you'ld be such a hard act to follow, now nothin' seems to follow
It's like flyin' down so back road, at midnight with your eyes closed, and the headlights off, girl I've been searching everywhere, can't find that feelin' anywhere, you're all I want, now all I want...
That's right, I've done it all and I've seen it all, but I cant find a feelin' like that
Lyrics submitted by Sarah.