Cinderella's on her bedroom floor,
She's got a crush on the guy at the liquor store,
'Cause Mr. Charming don't come home anymore,
She forgets why she came here.

Sleeping Beauty's in a foul mood for shame,
She says "None for you dear Prince, I'm tired today
I'd rather sleep my whole life away then have you
Keep me from dreaming.

I don't care for your fairytales
You're so worried 'bout the maiden
when you know she's only waiting
For the next best thing.

Snow White is doing dishes again,
'Cause what else could you do with seven
Itty bitty men? Sends them to bed
And she calls up a friend,
'Says "will you meet me at midnight?"

oh, The tall blond lets out a cry of despair,
says, "Woulda cut it my self if I knew men could climb hair!
I'll have to find another tower somewhere,
And keep away from the windows"


Once upon a time in a faraway Kingdom,
man made up a story,
Said that I should believe him,
Go and tell your white knight that hes handsome & hindside
'Cause I don't what the next best thing.

So I sing "I hold my head down & I break these walls 'round
yeah Can't take no more of your Fairytale love!"

I don't care for your Fairy tails,
You're so worried 'bout the maiden,
when you know she's only waiting,
Spent her whole life being graded on the sanctity of patience,
And a dumb appreciation,
But the story needs an ending and a better Happy ending,
'Cause I don't what the next best thing.

No, no, I don't what the next best thing~
Lyrics submitted by alyssa.