F-N-F Goin' Up
by Lupe Fiasco

We here homie
Voo doo master, Lupe ?

Welcome back, an invisible storm
we've opened up the show put criminals on
Opened up the stool let em spit a few songs
Shut down the jewels put his tennis shoes on
Took off his students put his principles on
Don't believe my hype put the interviews on
They don't believe me right you was interviewed wrong
I'm believe you like a hype I'll put my chemicals on
If your such a G why the limiting ya'll
If you can say that's me then why the intervenin on
See my whole crew is ? on
Just the word of me 1st & 15 on
For the past year had to get my lean on
Stay away from the streets I was glittering on
Only bread was where heralds? put my chicken wings on
I was said to be short, but now I'm limosine long

Lupe and his crew done came up while you was sleepin
FNF goin up (x2)
They hate but they study and watch you they can't see em
FNF goin up (x2)

I'm 5 years deep had deals galore
What they feelin now, I had to feel before
And what they feelin now I used to kill before
Grown man now I was lil before
And what's phony now wasn't real before
Told chill I wasn't ready, had to chill some more
Knew that I was hot but I wasn't cool enough
So I said I had to sit on the ? some more
And from the blocks where I made the raw
Broke down the raps and waged the war
I waited in the water and layed the law
I almost didn't make it man I braved it all
When niggaz couldn't take it man I shake it off
Wore my hat where you couldn't break it off
Got a respect for the set, I would take it off
And walk down the same block from shit that you get chased off
And that's gangsta ya'll


You see boo Lu, I've been around the block and I'd been the millionaires
I've been seated of the power of ? I know how it feels in there
See its one thing to be put on, its another thing to own
Niggaz don't feel that there, na
Niggaz ain't see that I'm motion freeze
Homie do you feel that air, where
I'm from West Madison
Fans across the world that's where that begun
With this flow that is wack to some, they ain't catch until that feedback from Young
Well he's back and brung?
The same flow no fun got his back to em
More Lu for you, my girls and my niggaz
RIP to em, God forgive us

Chorus (x2)
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