Exclusive Freestyle #5: Stuntin Hard
by Gucci Mane

Whats happenin!
Its your boy!
Pimp so hard nigga,
Swag up nigga, boss up nigga,
Man up, Gucci Mane the Flare
Put your chin out

I don't do the push-up,
I do the kush-up,
I'm booked up look up
Gucci overbook me,
Shawty go stupid,
Diamonds look Cupid,
Red diamonds shawty,
Flawed just over do it,
Supersized wides baby check out the bezzle,
Gucci Mane the Flare I'm ahead of the schedule.
I'm, Lyric Jet, Shawty G5 Shawty!
I'm, Red Nikes Shawty no levi's,
I'm so High, I'm so Fly,
I'm DUI and I don't know why I drive,
but I'm suicide, my doors go up like lamb
It's Gucci Mane the Flare call me ???? (Let's do it!)
Fruit Loop I'm Tucan Sam (Fruity!)
Gucci Mane I gives no damn
I'm fly and fuck cause I'm so kushed up
And I'm so drowed up, and I sip that lean
And I smoke that green, do you know what I mean?
Don't snort no white, but I sell that shit
Man I got that snow, man them bricks exist
Right here in the 6, right there exit
You the exit, right there in zone 6,
Marley Bitch, got 74 O's then restarted bitch,
And the stove is horrific, blow hole-riffick
I glow affiant, sex and violence man I supply it
Gucci Mane the Flare I'm a ?????
You girl diggin me Shawty her click Imma drag her
Gucci, nigga, boy I go crazy
My diamonds ain't cloudy, they never been hazy,
Shawty got a chain on, But it dont amaze me,
You spend 5 grand, I spend 180,
Hey! Pay Me! Fuck you! pussy nigga don't play me,
I don't give a damn cause I get money,
I don't talk crazy I just talk country,
And Fuckie, Bunkie, I be stitchy,
Stanky, Stanky, Skanky, Blanky,
Rooster ass bitch you could get the fuck out all out here,
Gucci Mane the Flare, you can sign here
Lyrics submitted by Elia.