Everything You're Not
by Demi Lovato

I've been bruised and I've been broken can't believe that I put up with all this pain I've been used and i was chocking on the promise I would never fall again mhhmmI used to sing to your twisted symohony and the words that had me trapped inside your misery but now I know the reason why I couldn't breathe (chorus) cause all I want is everyting your not so go ahead and slam the door cause you cant shut me out no I don't, don't care what you say cause all I really, all I really want is every thing your not everything you're not, not, not your darkness was my weakness but it turns out that it only went deep, deep a meaningless diversion that is all that you ever meant to me, me, me, me and i am done with your symphony the words that had me sound like stolen poetry I tore the pages and I can finnally breathe (chorus) I want a gentlemen who treats me like a queen I neen respect I need love nothing in between i will not spell it out if you can't see cause you're not worthy, you don't deserve me and now i'm gone everything you're not, not, not x2 (chorus) never gonna break my heart again never gonna see your face again never wanna feel this way again x3
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