End of the Beginning
by David Phelps

I was taking a trip on a plane the other day
Just wishing that I could get up
When the man next to me saw the book in my hand
And asked me what it was about
And so I sat back in my seat, " A best seller, " I said,
"A history and mystery in one."
Then I opened up the book and began to read
From Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

He was born of a Virgin, one Holy Night
In the little town of Bethlehem
Angels got around and underneath the stars
Singing praises to the Great I Am
He walked on the water, healed the lame
And made the blind to see again
And for the First time here on earth, we learned that God could be a Friend
And so He never ever did a single thing wrong
But the angry crowd chose Him
Then he walked up the road & died on the cross
And that was the End, of the Beginning.

"Thats not any book, thats the Bible, " he said
"And I've heard it all before,
I've tried religion, its shame & guilt and I dont need it anymore.
Its superstition made of tales, just to help the weak to survive."
"Oh let me read it again, " I said,
"But listen closely, this is gonna change your life!"

(repeat Chorus)

"In the end of the beginning," he said with a smile
"What more could there be, He's dead
You said they hung Him and put nails in His hands,
And a crown of thorns on His head."
I said, " I'll read it again, but this time there's more.
I believe this is true,
His death wasn't the end, but the beginning of life
Thats completed in you,
Don't you see, He did all this for you."
Lyrics submitted by Rachael.