Verse 1: (Nicole) If we could stop fighting each other long enough for us to see that, see that see that....That we are stronger together than seperate baby why the be leader, leader, leader?
But you love me today, don't want me around tomorrow. Everytime you change your mind, I follow, caught up all in you maze and I'm so dizzy babe. Can't keep going back and forth on these waves, I'm getting sea sick, sea sick , sea sick
Pre-chours: (Melody) Like the way we where before and I wanna know if we can go back to the days when we was close, cause sometimes I think I'm solo, think you don't want me no more and I got to get up off this sea saw, we're like an elevator
Chours: We go up, and we go down(down, down, down) like an elevator, We touch the sky and touch the ground(ground,ground,ground) like an elevator. You stuck on one, I push the three and we end up on the fourth floor, but then disagree. And you keep on blaming me, but I wish that you would see, that I'm just trying to elevate ya, like an elevator
Take you higher, take you higher (and I'm just trying to elevate ya like an elevator)
Take you higher, take you higher (and I'm just trying to elevate ya like an elevator)
Verse 2: (Nicole) And I feel, like we speaking to different languages, its hard to read ya,read ya, read ya...But I know, that if you atleast try to make it halfway I swear that I'll meet ya,meet ya, meet ya.
But we can't have a conversation without beefing, yelling,making a fool for no good reason. I won't let you leave and you keep asking me to stay. One of us better figure out what we want, cause I'm getting a headache,headache,headache
(Nicole) Oh, if theres any men, who understand what I'm feeling, won't you help me say "yeah,yeah,yeah"
(Melody) Oh theres gotta be some women
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