Egypt, Egypt [12" Original]
by The Egyptian Lover

Egypt, egypt, egypt, egypt

Egyptianlover,egyptianlover baby {2}
{smack the butt at the same time of smacking on song}

Egypt, egypt, egypt, egypt, egypt, egypt, egypt, egypt

Give me that freaky kinkantion that'a all so okay that population I can tell that situation I don't care about my reputation {2}

A nun egyptianlover sexy set your it's not just loveman it's averagely majour I mix so fast and I scratch so sweet there'a not another dj that eats captian d's you know it egyptianlover

Egypt is the place to be egypt, egypt {4}

Pyramids are oh so shiny egypt, egypt

though woman here are oh so cute egypt, egypt

though freaks are on the floor right now egypt, egypt

there's soon to be I gone cute egypt,egypt

You can make those nosies yourself
Lyrics submitted by Brittany.