East Atlanta 6
by Gucci Mane

yea its gucci n*****

imma tell u like its just another day in tha east atlanta 6 just a young n**** in *the* hood sellin bricks just another n**** just another click u just another girl man u just another b****

*(justa) justa notha day in the east atlanta six,
ya choosin me, so u on da dopeman dick
ya choosin me, so u on da dopeman dick
ya choosin me, so u on da dopeman dick*
Yellow corvet dats da dopemans drop,
Blue and white jake dats da dopemans watch,
Bouldercrest road dats da dopemans block,
Dopeman dopeman can i please cop,
Police trynna' tell da dopeman stop,
The dopeman *thinkin* man i gotta make a knot,
The trap kinda slow imma make da trap hot,
Wakaflaka flame tell dro to bring da *choppas*,
Imma throw throw ya back back back to 89,
Move to atlanta georgia i waz just 9,
Mockaflock apartment everybody on da grind,
Then i move to Sunvalley everybody had a 9,
Went to school eleven with a mothafuckin' knife,
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When i was 13 i got my first strike,
I got *my* first strike its Gucci Mane laflare,
Kush smokin dro smokin put it in da air,
Nigga this a hood affaire every hood every where,
When u here this in yo car u gon wanna pull a chair up,
Gucci mane la flare, i be ridin in dat leer,
I be so iced up, i be so kushed up,
Man, all i wanna do is be like Gucci when i grow up,
All i wanna do is buy a pounnd and get droed up,
All she wanna do is buy a ball and get snowed up,
Tell her that i got cuz i kno that shes a shopper,
Shawty wanna 8ball tell her call Waka,
Shawty wanna bone teller that throw got her,
Im gonna serve her,
Chop her like burger,
Gucci Mane la *flare* and the track gettin *murdered*,
Its Gucci!
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