Ebb and flow, the sea is cold
But my blood comes to boil
I feel it filling up my lungs
The weight pulls me to soil

Current takes me, breath escapes me
Inducing coma, sleep
Close my eyes, I'm paralyzed
Finally at peace

Another sunny day
And I feel like getting in the water
Why did you have to let me go
Such a perfect way
To spend my time and swim out farther
Why did you have to let me drown


Lay there floating, body bloating
Skin turning to gray
I built my castle, the dirty rascal
Finally got his way

Waves roll in and clean my sins
Now everything is clear
I'm having fun, under the sun
Wishing you were here

1000 leagues, I live and breathe
Along the ocean floor
Now submersed, I join the cursed
To float here evermore