Don't Cry
by Mavado

Burn bad mind in this time
Gangster for life

Ma Ma don’t cry
No no no no no no no no

Ma Ma even if them kill me, don’t cry
they could never take d “G” from me.
Me have fe pray for me enemies,
Dem see me wit me things and wha take de keys from me.
But even if dem kill me,
Don’t cry me know none ah dem never build me,
Even if dem kill me, even if dem kill me.

Born pun de gully and me never choose it
We never considered riches off de music
Just like de African shake on de Congo music
De Rasta man bun dem fire pun de gangster music

I man have fe make a living for me family
Need to give some money to my mommy
But every thing me ah do dem ah pressure me
Unno lucky unno see de best ah me


Me sing wha me wha fe say
but when me say wha me wha fe say
dem say me nah fe say
So me buy “X” amount ah gun
ah that wha dem wha fi say
dem wha me fingers split up in a half is ah that dem wha fi say.
But me tell dem suck dey mumma that now I fe say
Kill him cold chrome that ah dem wha fe say
Me ah gangster we ah rise up like de flood
A that dem nah wha fi say
Wha fi say
No way

Lyrics submitted by Janine.