Doin' It Right
by Rodney Atkins

If you're whispering or if you're standing up and shouting
Got the windows or you took the top down
If you got big dreams but you got big doubts
Well, you're doing it right

If you keeping it simple or you make a big scene
If you're doing your best and you make a mess of things
if you're trying, if you're crying, all that really means
Is you're doing it right

Yeah, you're doing it right
You're shin in' your light
You ain't losing your mind
You're dropping the ball
But you're picking it up
You stumbling and fallin'
and falling in love
You're hangin' on tight
You're prayin' each night
You're doin' it right

Well, if you're cutting your hair or your'e grown it out
if you're compromising then putting your foot down
If you're reminiscing or living in the here and now
Then you're doing it right

If you're paying full price or you get it on sale
If you're lending a hand or taking a friends's help
Oh, I'm talking to you but I'm really talking to myself
You're doin' it right

Repeat Chorus

I've made every mistake there is to make
So I oughta know, the only real mistake
is not letting them go, so, just let 'em go….

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, keep fighting' that fight
Keep praying' each night
You're doin' it, you're doin' it right
You're doin' it right, um hmm