Dog Huntin' Man
by David Cooler

Verse I:
Well what do you know it’s that time again,
to meet at the clubhouse with all my friends
You don’t know what you’re missing,
let me tell you why ...
My daddy started this club many years ago,
with a lot of hard work he made it grow
Into a way of life just for you and me ...
He said I want you to know there are people out there,
who try to stop you cause they don’t care
About the way we do things down here in the South
There ain’t nothing wrong with being raised this way,
I don’t give a d—- what they say
Drop the tailgate show them what it’s all about ...

Turn ’em loose let ’em run, it will only be a minute and the race is on
Once they hit that cypress pond, the dogs went to singing their sweet song
Wait jus’ a minute they’re coming my way, maybe this will be my lucky day
I wish everybody could understand a full-blooded Dog Huntin’ Man ...

Verse II:
My little boy is only 6 years old,
standing with me out here in the cold
He just would not have it any other way
He said ‘Daddy don’t you know that it won’t be long,
I’ll be driving a truck of my own
With four big tires and a dog box in the back’

About that time on the radio,
Mutt & Jeff saw a big buck cross the road,
Said look out fellas, cause here he comes
I turned around and looked at him,
he looked up at me with a big old grin
He spun around this hat as he said ...


Verse III:
Rich man moved in from out of state,
buying up property and putting up gates
And said I don’t want you or your dogs on my land
He said I’ve never hunted by running dogs,
in fact it should be against the law
Cause all you needed was a corn pile and a stand
Early one morning we made a drive,
the beagles took an eight-point across the line
And shots rang out like thunder through the air
Rich man came down the road doing 85,
slammed on brakes with a power slide
I couldn’t believe my ears when he said ...


Well let’s turn ’em loose let ’em run,
I can’t remember having that much fun
The way them dogs went to singing their song,
I could have listened all day long
Is there any way we can do it again,
cause now your dogs are my best friends
Now I can say I understand
a full-blooded Dog Huntin’ Man.
Lyrics submitted by Kristin.